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Historical Walk in Naples

You can relax and enjoy the sfogliatella and the babà (famous neapolitan pastries) at the Gambrinus Café, its origins date back to 1860.

The Café culture at the Gran Café Gambrinus began in 1862 thanks to the frequentation of writers, aristocrats, philosophers and famous composers. It boast's the birth place of books, songs and art movements.

The Empress of Austria Sissi visited Naples in 1890 and was used to frequent the Gran Café Gambrinus, the Gelato alla Violetta was invented in her honour. The Gambrinus is still considered by the Napoletani an iconic coffe shop where is possible to enjoy a good espresso (caffé napoletano) and Sissi's favourite gelato alla Violetta.

The Gambrinus is also famous for the Caffè Sospeso, is a deep-rooted Neapolitan tradition based on act of kindness. Whenever you find yourself having a coffe , you can leave a paid coffe for someone who can not afford it.

È come offrire un caffè al resto del mondo.
The happiness of having a coffe becomes real only when it is shared with rest of the world. Luciano De Crescenzo (Neapolitan writer and philosopher).


This itinerary allows you to experience the city as a real "napoletano".

The following escorted tours have been personally selected for special interest groups. The Royal Palace, The Ophera House S. Carlo, The New Castle (Maschio Angioino).

  • Tours run everyday, except on Wednesday and Sunday, at 9:30 am. Meet your guide and fellow walkers outside the Museum Royal Palace in Piazza Plebiscito.
  • Duration 4 hours.

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For individuals and groups up to 20 people max.